Colour of the Month – Nov 09


Nov 09 Grey

Grey is the colour of the month for November 09

Justine Fox, colour expert at Global Color Research, presents the colour of the month, helping us to understand how colour psychology affects trends. This month she looks at the undeniable sophistication and elegance of Grey.

The following is taken from the mix colour update newsletter which you can subscribe to here.

If ever a colour was ubiquitous in the mass market it is Grey. First seen in Autumn/Winter 09/10 Mix trend Contour (Mix Trends colour forecast book issue 17), there is literally a rainbow of greys from charcoal to dove, turning up on everything from carpets (pictured is Chevalier èdition) to paints. Grey/silver is also perennially popular in the automotive industry because of easy resale or lease and because it shows the lines of the car off with highlight finishes.

It is interesting that Grey’s popularity has come at a time of great insecurity and economic upheaval; Grey is perhaps the most psychologically neutral shade of all, evoking little emotional response, providing a much needed rest from any form of emotional turmoil. Grey urges us to hibernate and escape from the world.

Much associated in fashion with Winter collections, Grey also has utilitarian, practical associations that make it chime well with today’s more austere, less throw-away culture. There is a strong urban feel to Grey, evoking expanses of concrete that make it feel slightly dystopian, again fitting in with the feeling of unease any recession generates.

Like black and camel, Grey is undeniably chic in a low key, controlled way. One of the least sexually attractive of all colours, it never-the-less exudes luxury when combined with a lavish material like cashmere and is increasingly moving out of the boardroom and into the home. Finally Grey works well when lifted by colourful accents, making it a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.


Luxury camping


Opera 1

Opera mobile holiday home by Enthoven Associates

And here it is! A tent I wouldn’t mind going camping in! Although according to the designers, Enthoven Associates from Antwerp in Belgium, the Opera mobile holiday home is neither a tent, a caravan, nor a motor home.

The Opera allows you the freedom and mobility of camping , but with the luxury of a hotel. It includes a wine cabinet, warm-air heating, an espresso bar, an enclosed teak veranda,  two first class and electrically adjustable beds that become one with a single simple movement, hot and cold water, ceramic toilet, LED lighting and a mobile hob and barbecue,  for cooking outside.

An exclusive, small number of Operas will be produced entirely by hand in Geldrop in the Netherlands in 2010. It is opened and levelled by electric power in under 5 minutes so there is no struggle with tent poles or pegs. When open the residence measures a lengthy 7 metres, more than 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high.

I’ve never been so excited by the prospect of camping.


Opera 2

Could it possibly have taken inspiration from an iconic building in Sydney?




The practical sleeping bag


The Musuc Bag by Rodrigo Alonso Schramm

I’m definitely not the camping kind of girl. Its not that I don’t enjoy the great outdoors, but when it comes to sleeping in a tent in an incredibly restrictive and uncomfortable sleeping bag I have to draw the line.

However, I could be persuaded to change my mind if I had the Musuc bag, which I believe is now available to buy in the UK. The brainchild of Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso Schramm, this modern take on a sleeping bag is far more practical than any other sleeping bag I have ever seen.

Designed to provide not only maximum comfort, but also enhanced mobility. The bag is shaped to follow the human form and has sleeves and legs so it can be worn not only for sleeping but also outside of the tent on those cold evenings around the camp fire.

There are numerous ties and belts for adjustment and it features extra padding in certain areas for maximum comfort. when lying or sitting on hard surfaces.

All I need now is a tent which has its own proper toilet and shower and I’m off camping.

Nowism is the trend for November 09

Nowism definition

Trendwatching identifies NOWISM as the trend for November 09. The following is taken from the latest briefing.

As the future is uncertain, and the past is, well, the past, instant-gratification seeking consumers are embracing the ‘now’ with more passion than ever before. And despite this trend’s seemingly ephemeral character, it is rich in solid, applicable trend examples.

The power of all things ‘NOW’ can be traced back to the eternal lure of instant gratification and our current consumer societies handily accommodating and encouraging this relentless pursuit of instant information, communications, pleasure, if not indulgences. En passant reducing the ‘now’ to mere minutes, if not seconds.

Key trend drivers are abundance, experiences, and the online world.

Thinking outside the Boxetti

Boxetti closed

Boxetti in the closed position

Designed and created by Latvian designer Rolands Landsbergs, the Boxetti Collection is comprised of five separate modules, each driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and the contemporary aesthetics of minimalism.

Each of the modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency by meeting the demands of functionality and suitability. All modules have the capability of being transformed into compact, solid blocks at the touch of a remote control button and when not in use they take up less space and hide their true functionality. Only when the modules are in use is their true nature revealed as bright orange audio visual equipment for example appears as if from nowhere.

Boxetti is produced by EL Studija which is a company owned by Rolands that specialises in furniture and the design of showrooms and exhibition stands.

Boxetti open

Boxetti in the open position

Naughty wallpaper

Dupenny Callgirls

Call Girls by Dupenny

It may seem like my blog is becoming increasingly focused on wallpaper, but there are just so many fabulous papers out there right now that a day doesn’t go by without me spotting “my new favourite”. But this really is my new favourite.

Dupenny is a Brighton-based company that makes hand-printed wallpaper, mostly in striking black and white and focused on retro themes designed to make people smile.

And make me smile they did. Some are completely innocent of course and feature scenes like an English garden or spiders. But mostly they feature saucy characters in provocative poses.

The paper entitled Burlesque is bang on trend right now as the cheeky dance-based art form has been propelled back into the limelight in recent years by the likes of Dita von Teese. Burlesque can now be seen to inspire underwear and make-up and a whole host of strip-tease inspired dance classes have popped up around the country.

For those feeling even more provocative, Call Girls is a paper featuring ladies of the night offering all sorts of services. If you’re feeling really daring you could hang this paper in your guest loo and wait to hear people’s reactions. But fear not, if this is too risque for you, the paper also comes with little green stickers so you can cover up the rude bits.

Dupenny Burlesque

Burlesque wallpaper by Dupenny

Retro and vintage wallpapers

Wallpaperspace vintage Britpop

Britpop vintage wallpaper by Wallpaper Space

Taking its inspiration from the pop music and fashion that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1990’s and reminiscent of the rock and roll style of 1960’s bands such as The Beatles and The Who, this vintage Britpop wallpaper by Wallpaper Space is the perfect wallcovering for all the who are proud to be Bristish and want to plaster it all over their walls.

Wallpaper Space is a UK based design/print company specialised in the design and manufacture of wallpapers. All the designs available are based on original ideas or developed from Vintage & Antique documents.

Each individual roll of wallpaper is bespoke and printed to order. A range of designs are available, falling into categories such as ‘Grande Designs’, ‘Floral Passions’, ‘Ornamental Classics’ and ‘Contemporary Living’.

Wallpaperspace stars and stripes  vintage

Stars and Stripes Vintage by Wallpaper Space

Exclusive designer wallpapers


Studio Nommo Things on my desk

Things on my desk by Studio Nommo

Studio Nommo, an independent wallpaper studio based in Istanbul, offers exclusive designer wallpapers.

The four collections – Chichi, Supersonic, Cool and Baby – are created by local & international young and upcoming graphic designers, photographers and illustrators and each one offers a very individual approach to wallpaper.

From washing hanging on a line, to florals, to chandaliers and kids cartoon characters, these wallpapers are ideal for sprucing up your home and putting your own stamp on each room.


Studio Nommo Toilet

Toilet by Studio Nommo




Sleek wooden bathtubs


Unique Wood bathtub

Serena bathtub in American walnut

With showrooms in Germany and Poland, Unique Wood Design offers contemporary wooden bathtubs and basins that help bring nature into the bathroom.

With a history deeply rooted in boat building, the Polish company uses a combination of traditional carpentry and specialist modern boat-building techniques to create truly unique, handmade bathrooms.


Unique Wood bathtub 2

Nova bathtub in wenge




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