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So guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I spent lots of time with family and friends, ate far too much and even had a little drink! Christmas has changed so much for us over the past few years since having kids. It’s not as relaxing as it used to be and there is far less sleeping and napping which I miss, but the joy of seeing the kids putting out the mince pie, milk and carrot and opening up their presents more than makes up for that. I also used to use the Christmas break to engage in a bit of binge blogging as I had so much free time, but that doesn’t happen anymore. We also have to decorate differently for Christmas. I used to put out lots of ornaments on low level surfaces and we used to burn a lot of candles to create a cosy atmosphere. But with small children we can’t do those things. We had an incident this year where our two year old pulled the Christmas tree down on herself and the Christmas garland was pulled down off the mantle many times, so I now have to place all our decorations out of reach. In fact, I can’t wait to get all the decorations packed away and get the flat back to normal. One of the things I really look forward to at New Year is giving my home a bit of a refresh and it’s about this time, when the Christmas festivities are all over, that I start to look for inspiration. Obviously I follow interior trends all year round and try to keep up to date with what we can expect to see filtering through into our homes. But as the New Year starts I like to take stock of everything I have learnt last year and I think about what trends I have liked the most and if I want to bring elements of them into my own home and how I will do this. I get my inspiration from all over the place, mainly from blogs but also from Pinterest, social media, magazines, books, look books and trend guides.  Read More…

My Mini Livingroom Makeover

Livingroom before Habitat KOTA 2 Seater Sofa Bed

I am so excited to share today’s post with you guys! Just after Christmas my husband and I decided that it was time to do a mini livingroom makeover. I say mini makeover as it was actually the first room we tackled when we moved in back in 2013 so it didn’t need much doing to it in all honesty. We were pretty happy with it, but I’ve always felt it wasn’t quite finished. We choose to paint the walls in a beautiful shade of dark green (Dulux Moss Blanket) but I was a bit apprehensive about painting all four walls in such a dark colour as it’s quite a small room and I’d only ever lived in magnolia homes before. So we opted to paint two walls green and leave two magnolia. Then in 2015, in celebration of National Wallpaper Week, we teamed up with Graham & Brown* for a decorating project whereby we used their beautiful Honolulu Palm wallpaper by Julien Macdonald* to cover one of the magnolia walls. This left us with one Magnolia wall, as you can see in the before picture above. We also had three massive canvasses hanging on this wall which we had brought with us from our previous, much bigger, home. They were too big for the space and I wanted to replace them with something more fitting. The new year provided us with the perfect excuse to make those little changes to our livingroom that we felt were really rather overdue. Read More…

Quick Cork Flooring from Sisal & Seagrass

Quick Cork Flooring from Sisal & Seagrass

Remember last year when I wrote about my kitchen makeover? Yeah well, we’re still no further along. For one reason or another it kept getting put on the back burner, but we’re hoping to forge ahead with it this spring and finally get it all sorted. It is so long overdue. One thing that is causing me a lot of stress is what to do about the flooring. We currently have really badly installed tiles, so bad that they actually trip us up as they are not flush. I’m longing for a floor that is flat, for a start, and that is a whole lot easier to keep clean. The grout looks filthy and is so hard to clean. My dream flooring would be cork and I have spent what feels like months looking for cork flooring that is not self-adhesive cork tiles. They just wouldn’t work for us and I have visions of them peeling off and looking really tatty after a while. But my search seemed to be futile as I couldn’t find anything on the market that matched my high expectations. That is until I came across this beautiful cork flooring from Sisal & Seagrass.

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Lust List : Designer Kitchen Equipment

Dualit Architect Toaster & Kettle Bluebelllgray

When you have a really ugly kitchen that you can’t afford to replace I think it’s pretty standard to start looking around at all the lovely kitchen accessories that you could potentially try to spruce it up with. My constant dreams of a new kitchen have me drifting back and forth between thinking there is no point investing in lovely accessories when the kitchen itself is so hideous, and going all out on accessories to make the most of a bad situation. So with that in mind Ruth and I decided to do a round up our some of the designer kitchen equipment that is currently on our lust list. We both love the Architect range of toasters and kettles by Dualit because they have removable panels that you can get in a variety of colours. So if you decide to change the colour scheme of your kitchen you can just get new panels to ensure that your small appliance still match. Recently, Dualit have collaborated with floral home decor brand Bluebellgray to introduce the wonderfully pretty and painterly edition of the panels you can see above. This gives the somewhat masculine Architect range an instantly feminine feel and makes it a perfect addition to a more cosy, country type of kitchen. And all the other products we have featured have made the list because they are either just plain beautiful or really practical. Let us know if you think there is anything we have missed! Read More…

Ilse Crawford’s Collection for IKEA

IKEA & Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig

I have been a big fan of the work of Ilse Crawford ever since I interviewed her back in 2011. It was her humanist approach to interior design and architecture that really inspired me. I love the way that she puts human beings at the centre of her work in order to create spaces that address our basic human needs and that act as platforms for social connections. So when I heard that Studio Ilse has partnered with IKEA, one of my favourite interior brands, I could not have been more excited. The SINNERLIG collection will be launched in all IKEA stores this August, which seems like a lifetime away, but I’m sure the wait will be worth it. After all, the new collection will offer top of the line design at typical IKEA prices. What more could we ask for? It’s a match made in heaven if you ask me.

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Take a Peek Inside Ruth’s Home

Ruth Adams The Design Sheppard Livingroom

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Direct Blinds who asked me to take part in their new blog feature ‘Inside my Home’ where their readers are able to take a peek inside the homes of various interiors experts. Well anyone with tiny kids will know that it is almost impossible to keep your home from looking like a toy bomb has exploded and covered it in playful debris. About the only time when my home looks presentable is after 9pm once Matylda is safely tucked up in bed and all the toys are once again neatly stored in the toy box. Add to that the insane amount of baby proofing that is needed once babies become mobile, and that fact that my bedroom is midway through a makeover and only half painted, then it is obvious that my home is not particularly ready to be photographed and published. Thankfully though Ruth’s home is the exact opposite. It is beautifully decorated in her signature style and makes me want to up sticks and move in with her! It’s impressive how much she has achieved in the three short months since she bought her flat and she has some really exciting projects in the pipeline which she might share with us if we’re lucky! But for now why not hop on over to the Direct Blinds blog to read all about how Ruth has decided to decorate her home and to find out what her favourite interior trends are. Read More…

Brabantia’s Beautiful New Laundry Bins

Brabantia Laundry Bin with Cork LidHave I mentioned before how much I dislike doing the laundry? I’m pretty sure I’ve told you that I don’t enjoy ironing and that I like hoovering even less. But these things are a necessity, especially when you have a baby. I think I have done more laundry this year than I have done in all the years previous to Matylda’s arrival put together. It is just never ending and there is a constant stream of washing making its way from the laundry bin to the washing machine to the tumble dryer to the ironing basket. I never seem to get on top of it and that is what depresses me because I never feel like I have finished the task. Whilst I struggle to enjoy these domestic chores, I do find that they get a little more bearable if you have great equipment to work with. For example, ironing has become a fraction more enjoyable since I got my gorgeous geometric ironing board from Brabantia. It’s a joy to use and an absolute pleasure to look at (although lugging it around the house is no easy task as it is bigger than me and quite heavy). Recently I have started to look around for a new laundry bin as I figure I spend so much time doing laundry I may as well invest in a laundry bin that will make me smile. Plus I want one that will look great in my bedroom once we have decorated. I didn’t need to look far because as if by magic an email popped into my inbox from Brabantia all about its brand new Autumn 2014 products and lo and behold one of those products was my idea of a perfect laundry bin. Read More…

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