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Nectar Home & Living Seasonal Style Guide Jungle Study

So guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I spent lots of time with family and friends, ate far too much and even had a little drink! Christmas has changed so much for us over the past few years since having kids. It’s not as relaxing as it used to be and there is far less sleeping and napping which I miss, but the joy of seeing the kids putting out the mince pie, milk and carrot and opening up their presents more than makes up for that. I also used to use the Christmas break to engage in a bit of binge blogging as I had so much free time, but that doesn’t happen anymore. We also have to decorate differently for Christmas. I used to put out lots of ornaments on low level surfaces and we used to burn a lot of candles to create a cosy atmosphere. But with small children we can’t do those things. We had an incident this year where our two year old pulled the Christmas tree down on herself and the Christmas garland was pulled down off the mantle many times, so I now have to place all our decorations out of reach. In fact, I can’t wait to get all the decorations packed away and get the flat back to normal. One of the things I really look forward to at New Year is giving my home a bit of a refresh and it’s about this time, when the Christmas festivities are all over, that I start to look for inspiration. Obviously I follow interior trends all year round and try to keep up to date with what we can expect to see filtering through into our homes. But as the New Year starts I like to take stock of everything I have learnt last year and I think about what trends I have liked the most and if I want to bring elements of them into my own home and how I will do this. I get my inspiration from all over the place, mainly from blogs but also from Pinterest, social media, magazines, books, look books and trend guides.  Read More…

Trend : The John Lewis Winter Luxe Edit

John Lewis Winter Luxe Edit 2014

In my last post I mentioned that there would be some exciting new content coming up on The Design Sheppard thanks to the involvement of my new blogging partner Ruth Adams. This is the first post that Ruth and I have worked on together and I think you’ll agree that it looks absolutely amazing. One of the things that has been missing from my blog has been original imagery created solely for The Design Sheppard. I have tended to stick to press images in the past as my photography skills were just not up to the job, but now that Ruth is on board we are able to have far more fun with our content. This is a collaborative post we have done with John Lewis to showcase their Winter Luxe Edit for 2014. Armed with a small styling budget we were able to shop the collection and set up our own styled photo shoot and I have to say I am absolutely over the moon with the results. I wasn’t sure how I would find it working so closely with someone else as it’s only been me for so long but I needn’t have worried because Ruth and I are on exactly the same wave length. Choosing which products to include in our shoot couldn’t have been easier. We loved the John Lewis Winter Luxe Edit as it encompasses the design styles and trends that we are both very fond of and would incorporate into our own homes without hesitation. So we drew up a shopping list and started to plan our little set up. Ruth shot the images in a cosy corner of her home and she did a great job on the styling, especially considering that she is currently suffering from a wrist injury and can only use one hand. Read More…

Woodly Baby Cradles & Toddler Beds

Pluma cradle by Woodly

As many of you will know by now, my husband and I became parents for the first time back in December and since then life has been completely different in the most wonderful (and exhausting) way. One of the consequences of this is that I have obviously started to take far more notice of furniture, interiors and general equipment for babies and children. I’ve never really paid much attention to it before but now that we’re parents it is something that is very much on my radar. I can’t say though, that in my limited experience with baby products, I have come across many that I would describe as “design-led”. That is until I came across Woodly, an Italian company that produces green furniture, wooden toys and furnishing accessories in a zero impact, sustainable way. As part of its baby furniture range, Woodly produces a couple of stunning baby cradles and a magnificent floor bed for toddlers. Read More…

Contemporary Furniture from HOOKLundSTOOL


If money and space was no object for me, I would undoubtedly fill my home with finely crafted furniture made from natural materials. There is just something so moving about furniture that has been lovingly crafted from sustainable and renewable materials. And moved is how I felt when I first came across the beautiful pieces by HOOKLundSTOOL, a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects. The company was founded by Serbian-born Aleksandar Ugresic, who trained as a pharmacist but whose love of design convinced him to pursue his passion for furniture design. Croatian designer Zoran Jedrejcic is the other designer behind the brand and together the pair develop the designs for the furniture collections which are aimed at the the high end, residential and contract markets. HOOKLundSTOOL’s philosophy is to combine artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary designs using both traditional crafts and innovative techniques, mixing solid wood – walnut, elm, cherry, pear and acacia – with metal, glass, leather, fur, upholstery and concrete. Read More…

The BRÅKIG Collection from IKEA

BRÅKIG collection from IKEA

There really are some fantastic new designs coming out of IKEA right now. You may remember the Metod kitchen that I featured last week and this week it’s the turn of the new limited edition BRÅKIG Collection. BRÅKIG means rebellious in Swedish and the collection is the result of IKEA’s collaboration with ArtRebels, a Danish creative collective that brings together designers, film-makers and other artists from around the world. There are over 30 products in the new collection which is designed for people who have limited spaces and small budgets. The design features, materials and techniques used in the collection are heavily influenced by Danish design and a love of Copenhagen. What I love most about the BRÅKIG collection is the fact that it combines a number of key interior trends: geometrics, pastels and natural materials. What more could you ask for? But if you’re interested in investing in this bright and cheerful collection you’d better be quick as the limited editions collection is only available while stocks last. And if you need further convincing there is a great video about the collection below. Read More…

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