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Loft Conversion - Living Room - Velux Cabrio balcony windows open

This time of year my thoughts always turn to our future loft conversion. I guess it’s all that scrambling around up there hunting for Christmas decorations that brings it to the forefront of my mind. When I haul myself ungraciously up through the little hatch and stand up there in the roof I can’t help but think of how that space could transform our home and my mind goes into overdrive with loft conversion inspiration.

The loft feels absolutely enormous, despite the fact that it is filled with completely unnecessary amounts of junk that we really do need to sort out and get rid of. I know that we’d lose a lot of that space in the conversion but just gaining one extra room would really make our little home perfect for our family.

Loft Conversion - living Room - Velux Terrace windows with Blinds
Loft conversion living Room featuring Velux Terrace windows with blinds closed

I’ve written before about how a local estate agent strongly advised us not to go ahead with a loft conversion saying we’d never make our money back. You see we live in a first floor flat and apparently there are ceiling prices for flats and a loft conversion wouldn’t increase the value of our home enough to make it financially beneficial.

However, as a family, we love our flat, we love the location, the stunning valley views, our lovely neighbourhood. We also love the fact that we haven’t had to stretch ourselves to the max over the mortgage. If we were to move we wouldn’t have any of those luxuries.

Loft Conversion featuring Velux centre pivot windows
Loft conversion featuring Velux centre pivot windows

But we definitely need more space. We have two bedrooms currently and with two daughters it is a little cramped already. So we would need to create extra space as they grow up so we can give them a bedroom each. So the plan is to convert the loft into a living room.

I know this is a bit unusual, as lofts are usually converted into ensuite master bedrooms, but we have absolutely stunning views out the back of our home so it seems a shame to make the loft into a bedroom where the majority of time spent in there would be when we are asleep. Instead, a living room means that the whole family can benefit from this amazing space and we would be able to really enjoy those views every day, all day long.

Loft Conversion - Living Room - Velux Terrace interior
A loft conversion living room featuring Velux terrace windows

This loft conversion is a good few years off yet and we have done nothing in the way of proper planning but I have been day dreaming of what I would like the space to look like and how I envisage we would use it. I’ve spent the past few days hunting out loft conversion inspiration on the net trying to get a better idea of what we can achieve with the space we have available.

At the same time I’ve been trying to put the more challenging aspects of the project out of my mind. For example, I have no idea where we would position the stairs and this may prove to be quite problematic as we have very limited space in the flat. And the loft hatch is currently right in the centre of the loft space.

We also have the small issue of having the water tank for the flat downstairs in our loft which will need to resolved before we can go ahead.

Loft Conversion - Living Room - Velux Terrace interior

Then the other major is issue is how to afford this loft conversion. I’m not yet sure how we will do this but where there’s a will, there’s a way right? And now I’ve written this post it has become even more real for me as I can totally imagine exactly what it will look like and how we will decorate. I even know where I will put all the furniture.

I have used this useful calculator tool from SunLife in order to better understand the value of our property and how much money it has made us since we bought it. And in all honesty, I’m not sure whether a loft conversion would increase the value of our home that much, but it would increase the quality of life that our family has whilst living here. So it’s definitely high up on our renovations wish list.

Loft Conversion - Living Room - Velux Cabrio balcony windows

For the time being, until we work out how to proceed with our master plan, I can be found manically pinning loft conversion inspiration images over on Pinterest. One of the things that will be absolutely integral to the success of our loft conversion plans are the windows. Our flat is currently quite dark. The living room and master bedroom face north and we (when I say we, I mean I) took the decision to paint them in dark shades of green and blue respectively.

By converting the loft into a living room we could add large windows to the north west facing side of the roof and flood the space with light. This would mean the kitchen, which is already south facing, and living room would then be the brightest rooms in the flat and the bedrooms would be the darkest, which works for me. Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping!

Loft Conversion - Bedroom Dormer - Karen Knox of Making Spaces Loft Bedroom Conversion.
Karen Knox of Making Spaces added a dormer window to her bedroom loft conversion.

I’ve been checking out windows by Velux and I’ve found so much loft conversion inspiration from their lifestyle images. I was originally thinking that we should opt for the more costly option of creating a large dormer on the south facing elevation as this would give us a more usable space with bigger floor to ceiling windows, much like Karen Knox of Making Spaces did with her  bedroom loft conversion (see image above).

However, having seen these images featuring the Velux Cabrio roof windows and  Velux roof terrace windows, I’m actually no longer convinced that we need to spend the extra money on a dormer. I think we could probably get exactly the same effect through the clever choice of windows. And I think it would give the space more character. What do you think?

Loft Conversion - Living Room - Velux Terrace windows
The use of these Velux Windows allows for access to a small balcony area outside

One picture that has filled me with loft conversion inspiration is this beautiful image below. I really love the way that this space has been divided into two distinct zones with the use of these steel-framed windows. This would work brilliantly for us as we will use the space not only as a living room but also as a dining room.

By using these black framed windows the space can be divided without cutting it up with walls and also without blocking out any light. I think this is exactly what we might opt for, although maybe with the Cabrio or terrace windows in the living room area instead.

Loft conversion - Living room dining room space featuring velux integra windows

So whilst the south facing elevation will focus heavily on windows, we probably won’t worry about installing windows on the other side of the room. Instead I think I’d probably concentrate on built in storage. I like the idea of having everything we need neatly shut away behind doors or tucked into drawers.

Built in storage would also reduce the need for free standing furniture and therefore help the room to feel larger and less cluttered. I envisage us only having a large sofa, a coffee table, a wood burning stove and a dining table. Oh, and lots of plants! I can just see it now and it’s beautiful. I wish I had the skills to make a mock up of what is in my mind.

Loft Conversion - Living Room - Velux Cabrio windows with blinds
The built-in storage nestles perfectly into the eave next to the Velux Cabrio window

Whilst researching this post I came across so much loft conversion inspiration so I think I’m going to do a follow up post next month with lots of expert tips and advice. So if you are planning your own loft conversion, you may want to sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss the post. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be forever, you can unsubscribe at any time. Not that you’d want to of course!!!


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  • hanks for sharing the article. A loft conversion is one of the best ways to turn a boring room in your house into a liveable space. It is also an incredible way to add instant value to your property. With such benefits, you may be tempted to settle for any loft idea you come across.

    I like the design of your loft which are unique and wider architecture.

    On the same topic, I just found a blog that makes relation with the Important Things to Consider Before You Get a Loft Conversion.


    Nothing to do with the promotion, but this is something that will help to grow the knowledge and information exchange.

  • Hi

    I am interested in getting an L shaped dorma for my victorian terraced house in Irchester near Wellingborough in Northamptonshire.

    Do you cover this area and can you email me to arrange a free viewing.

    I do not have a drawing so would be interested in you potentially providing or organising the full service. However, I have seen some pictures and some similar plans that I could share to give an idea.

    Ideally I would like the project done within the next six months.


    • Hi Bernard, I’m afraid I don’t actually offer a loft conversion service. I am a writer and the article you have seen simply offers people inspiration for their own loft conversion projects. My blog is kind of like an online magazine. So unfortunately you will need to contact a local contractor.

  • I used those funny open top and bottom fake balconies 4 houses ago. I would love to in our spare room but would lose the storage space.

    Totally with you on mortgages I like that ours is low so we can have a life outside of bills

  • For anyone who hasn’t got a loft (including myself), this post makes you want to just go for it. I also love the image with the zoned spaces with the Crittall windows that allow the light to filter through and create a feeling of openness whilst still allowing some form of privacy. I really hope you manage to get the loft of your dreams Stacey and now you’ve started researching, I’m sure it will happen sooner rather than later.

  • Beautiful Images. They are all very inspiring. I am in a 1st floor apartment as well and wasn’t aware about what you described at the beginning regarding a ceiling in terms of value increase! Not that it is parts of our immediate plans, I will have to investigate further in due time. I’d love to extend!

    • Hi Marlene, yes because if you invest too much and put the price of your flat up accordingly, it could end up costing the same as a three bedroom house and then nobody would pay the same money when they could get a house with an extra bedroom. Makes sense really and definitely something to consider.

  • I’ve just “done” the Euromillions in the vain hope that I can get these installed in my loft. That’s if the council would allow it – the perils of living in a “conservation area”. I hope you get them though they look really ace. in the meantime, I’m crossing my fingers.

  • Stacey I love the idea of making your loft the bedroom! We have a loft conversion built by the previous owners but it needs tottally reconfiguring to make better use of the space and is on the never-ending to-do list X

    • That list is just so long, right Lins? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a massive ensuite bedroom but it just feels like a bit of a waste to use that space for somewhere we will mostly be when it’s dark and we’re asleep. I’d rather enjoy the fabulous views with the whole family.

  • Some inspirational rooms here. I’ve converted 2 lofts now and it does make you get creative with space. In this one we created deep alcoves either side of the bed wall with an oak base and inset lighting. The wall and inside the alcove is painted a deep blue and looks lovely when it lights up.

  • Adore those windows! And the way they open up onto a balcony – genius!
    We’ve been very lucky to have a converted loft in the house and I must say, it’s worth every penny. Plus, you’re not overlooked, you get an abundance of light, and usually a brilliant view. A great formula for a little sanctuary at home. You can do it!

  • I would definitely go ahead with planning and dreaming about the loft conversion Stacey. Don’t worry too much about adding value – it’s better to make it a improved place to live in than worry about getting your money back when you sell. The terrace style floor to ceiling windows would be amazing and I would agree if it’s going to be a great room – use it for a living room instead of bedroom.

  • Wow how absolutely stunning! Love the idea of creating a new living room too, I must admit I’d never thought a loft conversion would be for anything other than a bedroom, but you’re so right what a wonderful place to have a lounge! Looking forward to seeing if you go for it.

    • We’re definitely doing it Sam, as long as there are no planning restrictions. It’s just a matter of when we can afford it. I just think it would be a shame to keep such a gorgeous view for a master bedroom. I’d love to have a large family room for us all to share.

  • Our (then young) kids didn’t enjoy our house before we rebuilt it, as I always seemed to be somewhere they couldn’t see me, i.e. behind the massive kitchen counter in a tiny kitchen, or in another cramped room. Ditto with the bedrooms – we were always tripping over each other and all the stuff that accumulated. Having our loft (and rear extension) done was life changing. Not only did it increase the value of our house by more than we spent on it, our home is now a more calm, fun and inviting place to be. And our new ensuite bedroom is our little haven. I highly recommend it!

  • Absolutely gorgeous – but don’t put it off for too long. We had always planned to convert our loft but never quite got round to it. Now, one child is about to go off to uni and the other two are doing GCSEs. It doesn’t seem worth doing the loft any more. Mind you, your pictures are so fabulous that maybe we’ll do it just because we can.

    • Great advice Karen. In my head I am thinking we need to do it before the girls start secondary school but ideally I’d like to get it done asap. No point struggling on with so little space when there is that huge space upstairs full of junk!

  • You’re clearly having a lot of fun dreaming about the space you could create! I hope you get to turn it into reality in the future. Good luck with resolving the water tank issue.

  • Beautiful images, Stacey. I’d love to convert the loft too, but a dormer loft is the only way forward. This is because my council does not allow Velux Cabrio or Terrace window types (I know!)

    • Oh Juan, that never occurred to me that the council may not allow it. Come to think of it I haven’t seen any in my area and maybe that’s why. I guess I had better look into that before setting my heart on those particular windows. Not that a dormer would be a bad thing, it would just increase the budget a fair amount and be a lot more disruptive.